• Good morning Class of 2022,


    Welcome back to Junior Year! I know you are ready for the challenge. WE will have a great year together! Please make sure to check this page for any updates and virtual college tour information. I will be continue working on Microsoft Teams so make sure that you check it regularly (the link is below)

     Here are some fun activities that you can work on while we are working remotely and staying safe! Don't forget to work on your Naviance accounts and practice for SAT's on Khan Academy. Use your free time now to increase your opportunities in the future! I will be posting activities throughout the week so if you have any questions, follow me on Remind or email me!

    Please take care of yourselves and keep in touch with us! Take a deep breath and stay safe! Below you will see a suggested daily schedule for you and some COVID 19 de-stress tips!!

    Lots of hugs to all of you!


    Zoe Charitos, NBCT

    School Counselor


    1.) 16 Personalities 

    Take this quick online quiz to find out your Myers Briggs Personality Type!

    Read the description and check out what public figures and celebrities have the same type as you! 

    Think about what types of careers you may gravitate towards to based on your type? Do you think your type is accurate? Why or Why not? 



    2.) My Next Move 

    USe this site to explore different career categories! Here you can search for a specific career, or browse careers within a certain field. You can also take a brief quiz similar to the one offered on Naviance to get some career ideas based on your interests!

    Pick a category that makes sense for you (search your career of interest or take the quiz if you're not sure where your interest lies) and do a little career research! What did you find out? What steps do you need to take to get there? 



    3.) Holland Career Codes

    Holland Career Theory is based on the idea that we have personality types, and that there are different environments that we can work in. The main idea is that we may be happiest working in environments that match up with our personality types. 

    There are 6 environments/personality types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. 

    After taking this test, you will get your own Holland Code. Simply check off which statements apply to you, then scroll to the bottom and click the orange button that says "Find Out Result". 

    Reminder: This is just based off of a few questions! It does not determine the only path you can take, it just offers some suggestions based on what those with similar interests enjoy doing!

    The code is comprised of 2 or 3 letters, which indicate your personality type- Use the attached sheet to find out which environments (and possible careers) fit you! 

    Pick a few careers that interest you from the list to do a little more research on!



    4.) Roadtrip Nation

    Check out this site and explore the "Your Roadmap" feature. After selecting three categories, it will match you with people who have different careers that may be of interest to you! Check out their pathways, and begin thinking about your own pathway!

    If you'd like, use the handout to make your own roadmap- Map out where you would like to be at the end of high school, what you might do after high school, and a career you may like to start with! This is open ended and there are no wrong answers!