Class Expectations

  • In class, you are expected to follow all the rules under the CODE OF CONDUCT written for all YONKERS PUBLIC SCHOOLS. 

    You are expected to:

    • Be in your seat and work on the DO NOW when the bell rings.
    • Be prepared every day with all the materials, an open mind, and a good attitude. 
    • STUDENT SITTING Take notes and participate in the lesson/activity.
    • Put and keep away all electronic devices. 
    • Respect everyone and their belongings.
    • Work together!

    BE RESPONSIBLE          BE RESPECTFUL                     BE SAFE

  • Consequences of Misbehavior, Lack of Participation, and/or Missing Work 

    • First Warning - Teacher-to-Student Conference
    • Second Warning - Seat Change 
    • Third Warning - Parent phone call 
    • Fourth Warning - Behavior Reflection Sheet signed by parents(s)