Expectations for theater class

  • In this class, students will be challenged in various ways.  Whether it is getting up on stage and performing a scene or monologue, justifying design choices or doing a critique of a play or film, I expect students to showcase the following:

    (1) ADAPTABILITY & FLEXIBILITY - It is so important, especially in theater, for students to be willing to try new ideas, accept new challenges, and have the ability to adapt to changing situations and conditions. 

    (2) MOTIVATION, COMMITMENT & DEDICATION - Many aspects of life require a solid amount of motivation, commitment and dedication to produce the best final product, this is true especially for theater.  Students can learn about these qualities by studying different theater arts disciplines.

    (3) COLLABORATION & TEAMWORK - Theatre by its very nature requires that anyone working on a project is an integral member of the production team. Students can learn that the final product could never be successfully completed without every member working toward the same quality goal.