Class Expectations

  • Rules and Expectations

    1. RESPECT- Respect means being kind, polite, and respecting your peers and teacher’s time and right to education.
    2. Stay Focused- These are stressful times. Distance learning is hard for us all, we will work through it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, let me know and you will be allowed to take a break.
    3. No Cellphone- You are here to learn. Your cellphone is to be used during your time, not mine.
    4. Raise your hand- Respect the culture of this room. We are all excited to take part, just wait your turn! Use the hand icon to signal you would like to speak.
    5. Do not shout, yell, or scream! - It is just rude and distracting.
    6. Use the chat to ask questions about the class- I am monitoring the conversation, there will be grade penalties for disturbing the class, rude or disrespectful behavior and more.
    7. Do not leave for the bathroom without telling me- Just send a message and go. Be mindful I will continue to teach.
    8. Your microphone should be off- keep it off unless called on to speak, read, or answer.


    You can:

    1. Help Translate- Help is never a problem! (unless it is a test!)
    2. Use your phone SOMETIMES- You may see someone who has explicit permission to use their phone. That is between me and them. If you have an emergency, I understand that as well!
    3. You are home. Just keep your mic off so I do not hear your food, chewing, or burps.