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  • Business and Media Communications (BMC)  prepares students for college and careers with an emphasis on digital communications.  It is essential to know how verbal, written and visual communication are constantly evolving in our media-saturated society and therefore the BMC program prepares students with:

    • Interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.
    • Written communication skills for effective job applications, resumes and business proposals.
    • Multimedia skills to aid students in the conception, production and post-production of video, audio and web content.

    Digital media skills for creating content in multimedia formats is made possible in Roosevelt’s state-of-the-art media production studios

  • Career and Technical Education Pathway

  • BMC is now a New York State certified Career and Technical Education program.  Students who pursue a 3.5 credit sequence of courses and pass an industry-approved assessment receive a Career and Technical Education Endorsement.

    The course sequence includes:

    Career and Financial Management  A New York State required course encompassing several different topics: Business Systems and Economics, Career Planning, Career Selection Process, Career Success,  and Financial Literacy. The curriculum framework is mandated by the New York State Department of Education for CTE programs.

    Applied Communication: This course has two components.  First, students learn the essentials of Microsoft and Google productivity software.  The second component includes how digital media such as the web and video can be used for effective business communication especially in areas such as advertising and public relations.

    Business Communications:  Building on the learnings in Applied Communication, students will produce more advanced communications products in multiple formats such as web design, video and oral presentations.  This course will work in conjunction with the Virtual Enterprise class in terms of producing multimedia content.

    Virtual Enterprise:  An experiential business course where students run a virtual business, a video production business called The Vision Media.  The class is divided into departments for Administration, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Accounting and IT.  Students prepare a business plan in the beginning of the year and an annual report at the end. The company participates in live events like trade shows and other competitions with hundreds of participating high schools both in the US and abroad.


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in the green screen studio