Ms. Casey

Phone: 914-376-8110


Degrees and Certifications:

MANHATTAN COLLEGE Bachelors in Science in Biology LEHMAN COLLEGE Masters of Science Education in Chemistry CERTIFICATIONS 7-12 Biology 7-12 Chemistry

Welcome to Regents Chemistry!

This year we will be exploring chemistry topics to help prepare you for the Regents Exam in June.  The major units we will be studying are as follows:

-Unit I: Measurement
-Unit II: Atomic Structure
-Unit III: Nuclear Chemistry
-Unit IV: Periodic Table
-Unit V: Physical Behavior of Matter
-Unit VI: Bonding
-Unit VII: Formulas and Equations
-Unit VIII: Mathematics of Formulas and Equations
-Unit IX: Kinetics and Equilibrium
-Unite X: Solutions
-Unit XI: Acids and Bases
-Unit XII: Oxidation and Reduction
-Unit XIII: Organic Chemistry

Grading Policy

Exams (35%)
2 exams every marking period
-If absent on an exam day you must bring a note and makeup the exam within the week

Homework (20%)
Must be neat
-Answers must ALWAYS show work or calculations
-If you are absent, you are responsible to retrieve homework from Ms. Casey’s Class Page ( or from the homework (HW) board posted in the classroom. 
-Homework can be handed in 1 day after date assigned. Check HW board for last day.
If numerous homework assignments are missing you may risk failing for the marking period

Class work (15%)
ou must participate in class or group activities
-Notebooks may be checked at any time during marking period

Quizzes or Exit Slips (announced on class page) (10%)

absent visit class page to see what you have missed
-If absent a note must be given to me the next day
-If you are consecutively late without a pass you risk the possibility of failing the class.
-After five or more absences or ten or more lateness, forty percent of your classwork grade will be reduced.

Laboratory (15%)
-All labs must be completed in a timely manner to receive the full 15 points.
-In order to be eligible to sit for the Regents Exam, 1200 minutes (20 hrs) of labs must be completed and documented
-Each of these labs must receive a passing score in order to qualify

Projects (5%)
Calendar/ Updates
Please visit class page and Remind App