• Writing Skills


    Proper Posture When Writing on a Table Top

    • Feet flat on the floor 
    • Sit upright in chair
    • Paper stabilized by nonwriting hand

    Letter Formation

    • Encourage to always write letters from the top to bottom.  Forming letters from the bottom up is slow and inefficient, and will lead to poor handwriting. 


    • Use a post it page marker (reuse same post it) after each word to create an appropriate space before beginning the next word.
    • There are many types of writing paper. Be sure to check with your child’s therapist on the best type of paper or strategy for your child

    Letter and word placement

    • Draw a green line along the left margin of the paper and a red line on the right to signal where to “start” and “stop.”
    • If your child has difficulty writing on the line, darken the baseline with a marker.
    • Use a highlighter to indicate where to write between lines.
  • Handwriting Check-up



    Practice Writing Skills

    • Schedule a 10 minute interval daily to practice writing.
    • Encourage your child to write about a preferred topic of choice.
    • Help your child make greeting cards for family and friends.
    • Write a grocery list together.
    • Make lists: favorite TV programs, movies, food