Earth Science Supply List

  • Class Materials to help maintain organized for class.

     These materials should be brought to class EVERY DAY :

    A.  One three-ring binder (1 1/2 inches or 2 Inches preferred) for this class use ONLY

    B. Dividers (at least 4) Label:

    1: Earth Science Reference Table  - Label 2: Class Notes  - Label 3:Homework   - Label 4: Assignment list check

    C. Pens, Pencils 

    D. 2 different color highlighters

    E. Loose-leaf paper ( 1 pack)

    F. Personal Hand Sanitizer 


    Due to COVID students will not be able to share classroom materials, please make sure all students come to class with all necessary materials.

     Please send me an email if you have difficulties buying these items. 

    Binder set up Example ->



Binder Set Up Example