• Courses Syllabus:

    Geometry Regents:

    Student Supplies:

    3-ring binder for notes
    Pencils and a sharpener

    Colored Pencils/Highlighters

    Scientific Calculator       

    Ruler/Drawing Compass

    Folder for handouts


    Pack of Graph Paper

    *See additional supplies on Weekly Outline 9.6.22

    About Geometry Regents:

    Geometry Regents is a high school level course that, upon passing the state examination in June, will provide one high school credit. Work is assigned once a week. Assignments are checked the following day at the beginning of class and students are held responsible and accountable for their work, as would any other high school course, while keeping in context that students are at their highest level in high school.

    Students are responsible for their work and are required to maintain an appropriate grade point average for the course.  A recommendation for guidance will be made to push for students who are unable to maintain the appropriate grade point average to attend regular lunch and learn and afterschool help.  A recommendation for guidance for course intervention will also be made if a student fails two consecutive unit exams, falls below a 65% quarter average, or owes excessive assignments. Students are also expected to maintain a minimum testing average of 85%, which demonstrates mastery of content for the unit.

    The NYS exam has questions that require the students to read and follow directions on their own. It’s critical that students learn to think independently. My objective is to structure our lessons and activities to help students achieve in this area.

    Course Overview

    Geometry involves the study of points, lines, planes and other geometric figures as they relate to our physical world.  Students will learn to measure geometric figures and their areas and volumes; develop their logic and inductive and deductive reasoning skills.  The relationship between figures and properties that make figures unique will be developed and applied to real world situations Constructions, Loci and Coordinate Geometry will also be studied.  This class will greatly help with earning a good score on the Regents, SAT or  ACT test for college.           

    Units of Instruction

    • Foundations for Geometry
    • Geometric Reasoning
    • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
    • Triangle Congruence
    • Properties and Attributes of Triangles
    • Polygons and Quadrilaterals
    • Simliarity
    • Right Triangles and Trigonometry
    • Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area
    • Spatial Reasoning
    • Circles
    • Transformational Geometry Methodology

     Geometry students will be instructed in a variety of methods, including, but not limited to:

    • Lecture
    • Class discussion
    • Group work
    • Individual work

    Every effort will be made to demonstrate the relevance of the material covered in this course. 

    Evaluation Criteria

    Students will have a variety of methods to display mastery of the subject area and to show their effort and overall contribution to the class.  The following are the criteria used to evaluate students.


    • Grading Policy:

      Tests – 25%

      Quizzes – 15%

      Class participation – 5%  

      Homework – 10%

      Classwork – 10%  

      Exit Ticket – 5%  

      Projects – 30%



    • Notebook (all students will have a notebook with them every day when class begins.  This notebook must be for taking notes, assignments, group work, or to store information that is distributed to the class.  A student who does not have their notebook with them is not prepared for class, and this will be reflected in their participation grade.)
    •  Pencil- all math homework must be done in pencil! 
    • Course book
    • Calculator- will be assigned to students and expected to bring to class each day


    • Various handouts
    • Notes
    • Online book ( emath)
    • IXL