• In honor of Memorial Day and our Veterans, please take part in our Memorial Day Challange! Choose a family member or friend who is either in or has served in the military, or you can search for and pick a famous or known military member and follow directions below.

    Memorial Day Challange

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  • For anyone who is interested in an additional 30 day challange I will post links below.  One link is to different exercises and the second is to a chart where you will record your results for the challange. This will be handed in when the challange is complete in mid June.

    ***This is NOT in place of the posted workouts...those should still be completed and recorded in your student work log in addition to a weekly email to let me know how everything is going***

    30 Day Ab Challange Exercises 

    30 Day Challange Chart

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  • Extra Videos

    Below are links to some short videos for an at home fitness challange.  It is very important to stay active during these times and this is an example of a simple at home exercise that needs minimal space and equipment.  Challange youself!

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/iCJpvXWdL4zpqu9G9 Calves

    Triceps 1

    Close Grip PushUps - Triceps 2

    Incline Close Grip PushUps - Triceps 3

    Close Grip Decline - Triceps 4

    Tricep Dips 5

    Elevated Tricep Dips

     Weighted Dips


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  • I am available for assistance

    Mon-Fri 8 am to 11:30 am

    Please email me with any questions

    Please click on Daily Workouts link below for current assignment

    Please email me at least once a week to let me know what 

    workouts you have completed and how they are going.

    Thanks Coach Biondi

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

Mr. Michael Biondi



Degrees and Certifications:

Masters Physical Education

Mr. Michael Biondi

Learning Objectives:

Students will participate regularly in fitness-enhaning physical activity.(Elevate heart rate into target heart rate zone throughout routines)

Students will demonstrate competency in techniques needed to perform a variety of moderate to vigorous physical exericises. 

Students will exhibit responsible personal and social behaviors while performing physical activities.

Students will strive to maintain a healthy diet.