• Ms. LeBlanc's Spanish CpB1 Class Expectations 


    Everyday you will earn 5 points for your behavior in class. You will lose points for bad behavior. In addition, participation and classwork counts for 45% of the grade. It’s extremely important to be in class to learn a new language.


    RESPECT! You must respect everyone: their language, their culture, their religion, their race, their gender, and sexual orientation.

    Be on time.

    Be prepared:

    • Notebook & pen
    • Binder
    • No hoodies
    • Use mask all the time
    • No headsets
    • No cellphones
    • Be ready to participate actively
    • Raise your hand
    • Ask questions 


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up class work and  homework. Handouts will be located in the back of the classroom.  In case we have distance learning, you will find all the pending work in Microsoft Teams assignments and in the teacher class page assignments.  It is encouraged to attend extra help sessions with me to bring you up to date regarding missed lessons.  I stay after school every Tuesday and by appointment any other day. In the event that you are absent during a quiz or test, you should notify me ASAP, in order to arrange a makeup date and time. 


    Classwork & Homework

    • Assignments will be completed and submitted on time, in order to receive full credit.
    • You must participate in class and during group work. 
    • Due to the amount of material to be covered and the pace of this course, it is imperative that homework be completed by the assigned due date. However, you may give late homework (max. 2 days) but you will lose points. 
    • At the teacher’s discretion, students will need to attend extra help sessions to  facilitate the completion of late assignments.