9.3 Classical Civilizations

9.3 Classical Civilizations

    How did classical civilizations gain, consolidate, maintain and lose their power?

    Unit Essential Question:

    • How did classical civilizations gain, consolidate, maintain, and lose their power?
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    • Belief Systems
      • Religion
    • Classical Greece
      • Athens
      • Democracy
      • Greek Gods
      • Homer
      • Olympics
    • Roman Empire
      • Roman Republic
      • Rise of Roman Empire
      • Pax Romana
      • Fall of the Roman Empire
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  • CLASSICAL CIVILIZATIONS: EXPANSION, ACHIEVEMENT, DECLINE: Classical civilizations in Eurasia and Mesoamerica employed a variety of methods to expand and maintain control over vast territories. They developed lasting cultural achievements. Both internal and external forces led to the eventual decline of these empires.

    (Standards: 2, 3, 5; Themes: MOV, TCC, GEO, GOV, CIV)

9.3 Classical Civilizations

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