Superintendent Provides State Legislators With Solutions to Close Budget Gap

  • Dr. Quezada and students in Albany

    Yonkers Children: A Proven Return on Investment

    Yonkers Public Schools: A Cost-Effective Entity

  • Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada presented testimony before the New York State Joint Legislative Fiscal and Education Committee earlier this this week. He addressed head-on the structural budget constraints which undermines Yonkers ability to sustain educational programs and the personnel required to deliver them.  Dr. Quezada offered a four-point plan for sustainable recurring revenue to maintain outstanding academic outcomes for all students - and to close the persistent budget gap. 

    Dr. Quezada

    Solutions Submitted for Consideration by Albany Decision Makers

    1. Fully Fund Prekindergarten for Yonkers Public Schools from $12 Million to $21 Million - Commensurate with the Support Provided Other Urban Districts
    2. Increase the Host Community Video Lottery Terminal Allocation from $19.6 Million to $30 Million.
    3. Continue to Appropriate $12.6 Million in Bullet Aid to Yonkers Public Schools
    4. Fully Fund Health Services for Yonkers Public and Non-Public Schools from $1.2 Million to $6.9 Million

    Read Dr. Quezada's full remarks, with detail about each of the 4 points. >>