Creating a Team_School Numbers and Directions for ALL Schools

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  • This helpful information was previously shared by Alex Servello!  

    Good morning administrators and teachers,

    I hope you've all had a chance to check out Clever. You will notice that one of the first resources listed on your portal is Microsoft Teams.  This is a Microsoft product that allows you to set up a virtual classroom where students can collaborate, share and store files, and submit work to you securely.  Additionally, you can use a Microsoft Team for a PLC and digitally collaborate with colleagues in your building or across the District.

    There is a filter to prevent inappropriate Microsoft Teams from being developed. In order to ensure that your Microsoft Team does not get deleted unexpectedly, please begin your Microsoft Team name with your school number followed by a dash (no space). After that, you can title it whatever you want, but avoid anything too generic so that there is no duplicate team formed.  If you are unsure of your school number, please look at the attached file.

    For instance, if I am a teacher at Kahil Gibran and I wanted to create a Team for my 7th grade science class I would name my team 528-Science71.  If I was a teacher at Roosevelt and I was creating a PLC for my science teachers, I could name it 755-ScienceTeachers

    Thanks everyone and please let me know if you have any questions,

    Alex Servello

  • Consolidating Classes into One Team
    Good evening!
    Some teachers have decided to combine several classes into one giant team!  Some teachers created a team to practice/work with colleagues.  Either way, you must add 751 at the beginning of your team name followed by a dash (no spaces). If you don’t the team gets deleted when the district runs updates.  A good example of a name would be 751-Lincoln Lancers.  Also, don't delete your original teams.  If you don't want to view them, you can hide the team by selecting the 3 dots on the team tile.
    To populate your "super team" you don’t have to type in the students' names individually. You can add by group (original team names).
    Hope that's helpful...Please let me know if you need more help!
    Mrs. Karen Loia
    Library Media Specialist

  • Creating a Channel Within a Team
    Hello Everyone,
    You may be interested in creating Channels within your Teams, especially those of you who consolidated classes into a giant team.  Each channel can be dedicated to an individual class, cohort, topic, project or any purpose you choose.  Teachers working together may want to set up a channel for themselves. The team itself will serve as a landing spot for your classes, but still allow you the flexibility of communicating within smaller groups.  
    Please read the attached link carefully: 
    ​Please let me know if you need help!
    Mrs. Karen Loia
    Library Media Specialist

  • How to Annotate a PowerPoint, PDF, Word or Excel Document In Teams


    In order to be able to annotate a PPT/PDF/WORD/EXCEL document in Teams, I worked with Dr. Saghafi and Ms. Mancuso through Teams and after struggling through the process for a while, we eventually figured out how to do it. Thank you so much Dr. Saghafi and Ms. Mancuso!

     The following steps helped us to do it.

    • First, download TEAMS APP on your computer.

    (If we go to Teams through Office 365, it just lets us do presentation by moving slides but doesn’t allow us to annotate. Also, it doesn’t even open PDF, Excel or Word document).

    • Open the PPT/PDF/Word/Excel document, whatever you need to share with the students on the desktop before using the TEAMS APP.
    • Then click on Teams icon on the desktop, click on the camera… the usual procedure to use teams.....
    • When you click on “share” in Teams, you will see all your files that you opened before the meeting, appear as “tiles” below it.
    • Click on any file(tile) that you want to share, the file opens up exactly as it was on the desktop with top tool bar to do whatever you need to do, use laser pointer, pen, highlighter etc. etc.
    • When your document is open on your screen, students may still not see it (as they told me), but when you stop share, and again click on share, the shared document appears on their screens.

      Being able to use all the regular features of PPT/PDF/Word/EXCEL in Teams, has made it so easy for me to explain things.

      Dr. Johal

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