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How to Archive a Class in Remind

  • Hi Everyone,
    If all of your class codes are not current in Remind, you can archive classes that are no longer being used.  This will clean up the app and make it easier for the students to join their classes.
    To archive a class in Remind:
    1. Log in
    2. Click on the class name that you are no longer using
    3. Select the Settings tab at the top
    4. Scroll down and archive class
    Please note:
    You can also add a class owner!
    Also, if you haven't shared your class code(s) with me yet, please do!
    Mrs. Karen Loia
    Library Media Specialist

Adding a Remind Widget to your Teacher Page

  • Hello Everyone,
    Please take a look at Mr. Marinello's Teacher Page!
    He added the Remind Widget to his page👍  If you would like to do the same thing, please follow the steps below.  Send me the link and I will post it for you.  See below:
    This can only  be done on a desktop site, not in the Remind app.
    • After logging in to your Remind account go to Account settings
    • 4th option down is widgets
    • Step 1: select a particular class or all classes
    • Step 2: click copy widget code
    • Copy the widget code and email to Mrs. Loia
    • OR drag the embed code app over to your teacher page, then paste the code in the text box on the right and save!