Direct Access to Castle Learning is available through Clever!

  • Students can log in to their Castle Learning accounts through Clever!

    Students log into Clever with the following credentials

    Username: 6-digit ID

    Password: 8-digit birthdate (Example: 04132013)

Castle Learning Customer Service

Castle Learning eLearning

  • eLearning with Castle Learning

    A variety of NEW eLearning Webinars are now available to assist you with your online instruction with students:

    • eLearning with Castle Learning Basics of creating classes, assignments and assigning online to students with resources such as videos, class notes, audio files, etc. 
    • Your Online Meeting/Presentation Program with Castle Learning - How to use Castle Learning assignments and the assign-to-self feature to display on your screen while using a Meeting/Presentation Program such as GotoMeeting, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.  
    • Administrators - Reading Reports - Viewing the online progress of teachers and students 
    • Write Your Own Questions - Elective Courses using eLearning with Castle Learning – Write your own or copy/paste from your own source
    • Q&A - eLearning with Castle Learning – 1 hour open session
    • Health & Physical Education - Learn how to use our Health & Physical Education courses
    • Attaching Resources to Assignments - Videos, Class Notes, Audio Files, etc.


    If you don’t have time to attend the eLearning with Castle Learning webinar, please see below a recording of the basic eLearning webinar as well as the written guide covering creating classes, assignments and assigning online to students with resources such as videos, class notes, audio files, etc.


    eLearning Video


    eLearning Guide


    Our video tutorials are a great resource as well.  Be sure to check out Add-ons & Integrations for instructions on how to link assignments in Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.

    Video Tutorials


    If you have questions you can’t find in the resources above, please feel free to reach out for our assistance.

    Best Regards,


    Kim Marie Connor
    Training Manager
    Castle Software, Inc.
    (800) 345-7606 ext 302

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Questions that were asked along the way....

  • Below are some questions that came up along the way while we were learning how to use Castle Learning.  While technology is constantly evolving, some of the questions may prompt you to explore the program further!

    Question 1: Is Spanish translation available in Castle Learning? 

    It seems that you have two options.  You can activate the Google Translate feature when creating an assignment, then the students can have the option to have the questions translated in multiple languages.  

    Some questions are available in both Spanish and English.  (I believe that is what you were looking at)  Students must activate the option in their individual profiles.  Then, both English and Spanish translation will be available to them.

    Of course, I will have to go in and test it out but I just wanted you to have the information.  Thank you for asking the question; that is how I learn!


    Question 2: How do I view the assignments from the perspective of the student?



    Question 3: How to students access the Self Study component that includes Regents preparation materials?

    Please refer to the attached guide:

    Castle Learning Regents Review Guide


    Question 4: Can students access Castle Learning on their phones?

    Yes, students can access Castle Learning by downloading the Clever app on their phones. The platform is user-friendly!


    Question 5: How can we search for questions by level?

    Under the Filter By option, make sure that the Levels and Topics boxes are both checked. (See Below).

    Remember you can also use Keyword Search and use the drop-down menus to filter your results.




    Question 6: Can I assign a Regents Exam? 

    Yes! After selecting the Assignments tab, choose "Create from Public Assignments", NOT "Create New Assignment".

    Then select the following options by expanding the plus signs: Mathematics > Math > Castle Assignments > New York