Saturday 2023 S.I.F.E. Academy Program

  • The Saturday 2023 S.I.F.E. Academy program will use arts and literacy modalities to build language acquisition skills and increase participant’s capacity for expressive writing and visual and digital art creation while enhancing confidence, sense of personal and collective agency, focus and engagement. The curriculum modules will be scaffolded to promote the critical social-emotional, academic and leadership skills essential to individual and collective character development and central to this year’s critical district-wide themes of Restoration, Renewal and Hope. An emphasis will be placed on fostering socio-emotional skill-building through a strength-based approach with a core focus on empathy, resilience and innovation all while empowering the student’s personal expression through language acquisition and emotional fluency.

    The program will culminate in an original professional-grade children’s book, Working Title: Elevated Voices - modeled after Change Sings, by Amanda Gorman – and co-authored by the entire cohort using poetry and visual/digital art creation modalities. A culminating Elevated Voices book release event and celebration will offer students the platform to build cultural capital and catalyze inspiration within their community. The final artifact will be used as a stimulus for encouraging not just the participants but the families and community members to find a platform to channel and release their authentic voice. The Be The Light program from the summer will inform the underlying goals of the school year Elevated Voices program including the concept of HOPE remaining central to the curriculum. Students will engage in culturally relevant pedagogy that will be grounded in the message of the importance of not just fostering personal hope but catalyzing hope in those around you; they will be empowered with the urgency to not just capture the light but to BE the light in their communities.