Individual Education Program (IEP)

  • If the CSE determines that the student is eligible for Special Education services, the CSE members develop an Individual Education Program known as the IEP. This IEP must include the following:

    • Present levels of performance and individual needs according to four areas: academic, social, physical development, and management needs
    • Classification of the disability
    • Measurable Annual Goals for assessing grade-level academic content standards
    • Transition goals for students turning 15 years-of-age and older
    • Recommended service(s)
    • Projected date for initiation of Special Education services
    • Testing modifications

    Student Program Recommendations

    Children receive program recommendations for the least restrictive environment. Each child’s IEP is reviewed annually to determine the need for continuation of services. As a result, children are placed accordingly for the following school year.


  • For further information:
    Student Program Recommendations
    (914) 376-8205