Help Your Student Prepare for Computer Based Testing With Clever

  • More About Castle Learning

    Castle Learning provides practice questions in multiple content areas for grades K-12 including math and ELA. To access self-study options:

    • Go to Castle Learning from the Clever portal
    • Click on "Self-Study" from the left menu
    • Select the appropriate grade level and "Expert Mode"
      • Math is organized by standards
      • ELA is organized by topic - to practice with reading passages, select "Reading-Critical Reading Selections"

    Watch the video below from Castle Learning to learn more about their self-study options, and then access more Castle Learning Video Tutorials.









    More About

    Keyboarding is an important skill for 21st century students to develop and is critical to success in school, college, and careers.

    As we prepare students for computer-based NYS Exams in Math and ELA, we must provide them with opportunities to become familiar with keyboards and develop speed and proper technique. offers:

    • Typing Lessons
    • Typing Games
    • Typing Speed Tests

    More About Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is a learning resource that offers videos and practice exercises in multiple content areas, including Yonkers' K-8 math curriculum. After accessing Khan Academy on Clever:

    • Click on "Courses" in the top left and then "Eureka Math/EngageNY" under Math by Grade
    • Choose "Get Remediation Support" to review math foundations from previous grades or "Get On-Grade Support" for on-grade-level skills and concepts
    • Click on your student's grade level to begin

    For more information on how to help your student on Khan Academy, visit Khan Academy's Resources for Parents