Grade Level Skills Checklists

  • During the 2019-2020 school year, Yonkers Public Schools released a set of district-wide Power Standards.  These standards focus on the highest leverage skills that students need to be prepared for the next grade level.  Students still need additional instruction in other areas that are not addressed by the Power Standards and teachers have been presented with the expectation that they should devote more time and depth to the Power Standards but still address all of the standards in their grade level curriculum.  Below is a collection of grade-level checklists that parents and families can use to understand how prepared their child is for his/her grade level.  Has your child mastered everything on his/her grade's checklist? Then look at the following grade and challenge him/her!  Does your child struggle with the skills on his/her grade's checklist? Then look at the Parent and Family Resources page to gather ideas of how to support his/her learning and eventual mastery of these skills!