Section 504 Rehabilitation Act

  • Section 504 is a Federal Civil Rights Law that prohibits discrimina­tion against persons with impairments.

    The Act protects individuals with a disability who have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activity. Major life activi­ties include things such as caring for oneself, performing a manual task, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, learning and working. An individual must have a documented record of such impairment.

    Students in the general education population may be found eligible for accommodations under Section 504 if a major life activity is substantially limited by their disability. Examples of such disabilities are: medical problems (asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, etc.), Attention Deficit Disorder, behavioral difficulties not associated with emotional disturbance, temporary conditions such as a broken leg, arm, surgery or problems related to an accident, drug and alcohol dependency with certain exceptions.

    If parents feel their child is eligible for a Section 504 Accommodation they must put in writing a letter of referral to the 504 Compliance Office. It must contain necessary identifying data related to the disability, as well as the nature of the request. Without written proof of the disability, a Section 504 Hearing cannot be scheduled. Section 504 compliance procedures also are available for adult employees of the District who may be identified as disabled and may require appropriate accommodations to the workplace. The compliance officer will review the referral/request for accommoda­tions and a meeting will be held.

    The referral should be mailed to: Special Education Department - Section 504 Compliance, Yonkers Public Schools, One Larkin Center, Yonkers, New York 10701.

  • For further information:
    Special Education and Pupil Support Services
    (914) 376-8489