Home and Hospital

  • Home and Hospital instruction is available for all students who are homebound because of temporary disabilities. Instruction require­ments: elementary school - one (1) hour per day, each school day; secondary level - two (2) hours per day, each school day.

    The parent must notify the Division of Pupil Support Services in writing, when a student needs home instruction. A completed ap­plication including physician statement must be filed for this service. The parent/guardian, or other responsible adult must be present during instruction.


    Pregnant students may attend school if the school nurse has on file a note from a private doctor or clinic which indicates the condition, the estimated due date, and that the student is well with an uncomplicated pregnancy. She may attend school until the end of her 8th month, alternative schooling arrangements will be made at that time.

    Contact Yonkers Public Schools health services for an appointment for review of medical documentation at (914) 376-8226.

  • For further information:
    Special Education and Pupil Support Services
    (914) 376-8489