Community Agency Involvement in our Schools

  • Yonkers Public Schools has established coop­erative and collaborative working relationships with a number of community agencies. These provide a specialty service to the school district and address the multiple personal, social, emotional, and physi­cal needs of the student body.

    Agencies working in the schools include:

    EPIC (Every Person Influences Children)
    Addresses is­sues in self-concept, decision-making and peer relations

    My Sister’s Place
    Education and counseling on issues related to domestic violence

    Primary care health services and preven­tion education provided by St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Spectrum offices are located in nurse’s offices at Siragusa, Cedar Place, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Hostos

    Community Planning Council
    Employment op­portunities for youth work program; school-based parent/family centers

    Nepperhan Community Center
    21st Century Afterschool Programs

    JCY-Westchester Community Partners
    Reading Bud­dies; Students and Mature Adults Reading Together (SMART) Mentoring/Tutoring Program

    Andrus – The S.E.E.D. Program (Social and Emotional Enrichment and Development)
    Provides screenings to all referred children; assesses the need for mental health treatment and appropriateness for services if indicated

    Westchester Jewish Community Services (WJCS)
    School-based comprehensive mental health services

    St. John’s Hospital
    St. John’s Riverside Hospital provides wellness and nutritional education to our students

    Student Assistance Services
    Bullying Prevention Programs

  • For further information:
    Special Education and Pupil Support Services
    (914) 376-8489