• Nutrition

    Food Art:  Have a discussion with students about the nutritional value of a variety of foods, they can create collages, books, banners, posters, etc. promoting increased consumption of healthy choices or “just say no” to choices that should be reduced or eliminated from one’s diet.  Ask parents to send their child with 4 -5 varieties of their child’s favorites, pre-cut in a zip lock bag.  Have the children create a masterpiece on waxed paper, take a photo then enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    Taste Testing:  This is a terrific way to introduce students to new foods.  Discuss food origins and various healthy preparation methods. Try a raw veggie platter, with hummus dip.  *Be sure to notify parents in advance, and check for food allergies. 

    Know what you eat:  Have students bring in the package label from their favorite food/snack.  Teach them how to understand the meaning of per serving, mg. and order of ingredients on the label.

    Food Bingo: Have each student design two of the same BINGO cards using foods. (one to cut for the game).  A master spread sheet will need to be created, engage the students or a parent in helping you with this task.  Next, shuffle the cards and have students randomly select a card.  You are now ready to play FOOD BINGO.

    School X Cookbook:  Ask each family in your school to submit their favorite family recipe via e-mail.  Design the pages with food borders.  Inform them that it should be healthy or include healthy item substitutions i.e. low-fat vs whole milk or vegetables vs meat and a healthy cooking method.  You may also want to use this as a fundraising idea by charging a small fee to submit a recipe and a sale price that would leave a profit after duplication.  Your PTA or a family that can assist with duplication.