Family Fitness Nights are a wonderful way to extend healthy messages from school to home and educate families about the importance of physical fitness. Family Fitness Nights expose students and families to inexpensive, fun and easy physical activities that can be enjoyed together at home, as well as help families connect to fitness resources in the community.  Family Fitness Nights can involve whole group activities, where everyone participates in 3-5 activities together during the night, or small group activities, where families rotate between 5 to 7 stations. Choose what works best for your space and the number of participants.

    • Dance Freeze
    • Obstacle Course Relays
    • Five Pin Bowling - Place teams several feet apart, such as on the opposite ends of a gym. Place five two-litre plastic bottles weighted with sand in the bottom, or bowling pins, in the center between the teams. When signalled to start, players kick balls from their line, attempting to knock down a pin. A player who knocks down the pin must run out and stand it back up. One point is scored for each pin knocked down. The first team to get five points wins.
    • Balloon Basketball - Blow up several balloons. Divide players into two equal teams and place the balloons between them. When indicated, teams are to run to the balloons, pick up one, and attempt to get it through the basketball hoop. Once the balloon is near the basket, it can be repeatedly hit to make a basket. Balloons can also be “rebounded” by the other team. Each basket is worth two points and the team with the highest score after the designated time is the winner. Tip: The more balloons you have, the more fun the game is.
    • Gym Scooter Bobsledding - Divide nine students into three equal teams. For each team, place three gym scooters in a vertical line and place a gym mat on top. Have two students sit on the front two scooters on top of the mat. The third student pushes the scooter bobsled from the last scooter. Set up cones that each team must navigate through. The first team to complete the course wins.