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    The YPS Arts E-Activities Guides are organized slightly differently than the other E-learning channels.  Each of the pages provide a full unit plan based on some aspect of learning about the Arts - art, dance, music, theatre.  Each unit provides learning that can be adapted or altered across various grade bands.  Each of the lessons or activities are designed so that they can be completed independently by students.  Students can take a self-guided journey focused on accessing the online projects and content. The lessons and activities also attempt to connect to other core subject areas.

    Most of the content is designed so that students may immerse themselves in online learning, although there are some instances where students will be asked to create content in the real world and then share it digitally. Students are also encouraged to maintain an Arts Journal (either online in programs like Microsoft Word or on the OneDrive) or in the physical world (in a notebook).

    Teachers can also use what is in each unit to create classroom explorations for their students, building out on the available resources and content and adding to it or modifying it for each specific class.

    All of the lessons and activities are organized according to the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts and generally focus on the Four Anchor Standards for The Arts:

    Creating  Creating

    3Ps  Performing, Presenting, Producing

    Responding  Responding

    Connecting  Connecting

    Students are also encouraged to access other opportunities for learning located on the Arts Resources Page.  Students work in conjunction with their teachers (Tell Your Teacher Activity) and with other students across the district (participate in the DistrActIvity or the Community Link Challenge). There is also valuable information and resources located on our District Arts Homepage, as well.

    If you have any questions, or if you cannot access content on these pages, please send an email to: ypsarts@yonkerspublicschools.org 

    Enjoy your E-Learning journey!

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