High School Student MetroCards

    • High school students Metro Card application and instructions are available on the YPS website
    • Parents will receive application determination via email and the Metro Card receipts will be forward to the building administrator at the assigned high school.
    • School administrators will continue to sell Metro Cards to students who are distance eligible and don’t qualify for a reduced card
    • Face coverings are required throughout the ride on the Bee-Line to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, students are also required to maintain distance between passengers
    • All student Metro Cards and transportation inquiries can be emailed to YonkersTransportation@YonkersPublicSchools.org
    • The Bee Line implemented a bus interior disinfection operation plan for mass transit buses. The plan consists of information regarding the COVID-19 disinfection procedures, disinfecting schedule, and mandates for face coverings on the Bee Line buses

MetroCard Information and Application 2021-2022 School Year