Yonkers Public Schools Vision, Mission, Core Values & Goals


    Creating a Foundation for Success: Innovation, Inspiration, Critical Thinking and Excellence for All


    Yonkers Public Schools is committed to creating a culturally responsive and sustaining environment that ensures all learners in our school community are equitably prepared with critical thinking skills, are able to lead, inspire, and succeed in the world of today and tomorrow.


    Everyone in Yonkers Public Schools will:

    • Practice mutual respect for all including those with experiences that are different from one’s own
    • Anchor every decision to student achievement
    • Develop the whole child
    • Commit to understanding and affirming the cultural assets that children bring
    • Support every educator in the pursuit of ongoing professional growth
    • Connect the school, home, and community in all activities
    • Engage all community members in student success


    Goal 1 – Student Achievement
    Strengthen academic outcomes and graduation pathways through culturally responsive and sustaining curriculum and instruction.

    Goal 2 – Professional Development
    Continue to develop teacher content and pedagogy to increase opportunities and outcomes for each student.

    Goal 3 – Data-Driven Instruction
    Create a school-wide culture based on high expectations and accountability using qualitative and quantitative data to support decision-making and address inequities for each student.

    Goal 4 – Support Student Needs
    Establish inclusive learning communities that support students with diverse social and emotional needs for equitable student growth and development.

    Goal 5 – Community-wide Engagement
    Develop family and community partnerships through active engagement, participation and communication to support stronger and meaningful connections.

    updated 12/21/2022