Yonkers Public Schools Mission, Core Values and Goals

  • Mission: The Yonkers Public School district is committed to preparing all learners for the opportunities of today and tomorrow in a culture of inquiry. All are encouraged to take initiative for their own development, think critically, actively listen, participate fully and acquire decision making and leadership skills.

    Core Values: Everyone in Yonkers Public Schools will:

    • Treat all with dignity and respect
    • Make every decision guided by student achievement
    • Develop the ‘whole child’
    • Support every educator in the pursuit of learning for professional growth
    • Connect the school, home, and community in all activities
    • Involve all in student success

    District Goals:

    Goal 1 – Student Achievement

    • Provide curricula that fosters high levels of student achievement that embed 21st Century Skills.

    Goal 2 – Professional Development

    • Continue to develop and enhance current practices and efforts in order to ensure teacher growth leading to enhanced student learning outcomes.

    Goal 3 – Data Driven Culture

    • Create a school wide culture based on high expectations and accountability.

    Goal 4 – Student Needs

    • Establish a community that supports students with diverse social and emotional needs for student growth and development.

    Goal 5 – Stakeholder Involvement/Engagement

    • Develop the family and the community infrastructure to support student success.