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    DOJO Classroom

                          Contact Hours: 8:30 a.m.-3:00p.m. (Monday-Friday)

    Learning doesn't stop with school closure!

    In the light of the situation with COVID19, a Distance E-Learning plan is in place to continue instruction during school closing. Students will be receiving instructions on a daily basis (mini-work plan) to continue practicing skills and concepts covered so far. We will be using resources offered by our district through CLEVER portal

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    Classroom Announcement  announcement june

    *Focus of the Month (June): Collaboration, Preparation, Equality, Clarity,and Applicability

    *Word of the Day: Clarity(June 1st), Unison(June 2nd), Novice(June 3rd),Hectic(June4th), Visibility (June 8th), Embody (June 9th), Appearance (June 12th), Distinguish(June 15th), Glisten(June 16th) 

    *Author Talk: Julia Alverez (livestream event for all students)/06.10.2020

          Livestream Link(Click on it) 

    *Microsoft "Teams" End of Year Meeting(Tuesday June 16th)

    *Lockers Clean-out: June 9th-Check the schedule for your time block.

    *A message from Mrs. Westphal (Librarian):

    • Any signed out library book must be returned when you report to the school building for locker clean-up.
    • Library Services Participants Survey:  Library Services Survey(click on it) 

    *Student Work Log(Fill it out)     

    *pax PAX at HOME: Use PAX online resources(Students Resources tab) to learn more about Pax Kernels at Home. For more information, please Contact : 

    Ms. Lopez (plopez3@yonkerspublicschools.org).

    *For the Extra-Curricular classes(Art, Music, and P.E),please check with each teacher's classpage for your assignment!


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