Assignments 1 & 2 for the week of March 30th to April 3rd! This week's City is a Central Italian City; "Pisa"! DIRECTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENTS 1 & 2 BELOW!!!

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Mr. M. Aliberti

Assignment I

Using YouTube, please find a Youtuber, Program or Episode of at least 30 minutes on the city of Pisa, Italy (you can combine multiple videos that add up to 30 mins).  After watching the videos, please create a minimum 200 word reflection in English where you discuss;


1) 2 festivals that take place in the city or its surrounding towns/villages

2) 4 historical sights or attractions that are visited by tourists

3) 2 famous people from the city and why they are important to the city

4) 4 culinary (food or beverage) items that are typical of the city or surrounding area

5) 4 hotels in the city

6) 2 professional sports teams from the city and a famous player from each of the two teams

7) Identify the region that the city is in and 2 cities within a 30 minute driving distance

8) Describe what the annual climate is like, give an average high and low for each month; October, January, April, August 

9) Look up the closest international airport and domestic airport

10) 1 form of transportation to navigate inside the city and another to travel to and from the city



Please remember, this is a reflection, do not just fill in the bullets above, thank you!




Assignment II-

Using the same exact template and instructions above, pick any city of your choice in the world, outside of Italy, domestically or internationally, and repeat the assignment.  Again, be sure to copy and paste your YouTube links and create a reflection rather than fill in the bullets! PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!!!😉


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