June 1st Assignment! 😁 (Happy Thoughts) Due Sunday June 7th midnght!

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Mr. M. Aliberti

I hope you all tried your best to have a great weekend!  


For this week I would like for all of us to think ahead of something you really look forward to doing this summer!


Think of three things that you are excited about doing over the summer, especially now that America is starting to open up!  Go online and find 3 photos for each, you may use your own if you'd like.

Then, write a small 5 to 7 sentence reflection in Italian explaining what the activity is and about the destination as well as why you're so excited about it.  You may do the entire assignment in the present tense. Please try your best not to use a translator!  

Here is an example:

(3 Pictures of Wildwood, NJ)

Mi piace tanto andare a Wildwood, NJ.  Vado sempre con la mia famiglia.  Anche i miei cugini vengono.  Andiamo sul boardwalk e mangiamo tanto cibo Americano.  Il mare e' molto grande e l'aqua e bello!  Voglio andare in Agosto cuando fa molto caldo!


You can write about something as simple as going to the park and playing basketball with your friends or a trip similar to my example!


Please do the assignment using three separate slides in PowerPoint or similar. So that's a total of nine pictures, spread out over three slides with a five to seven sentence reflection on each slide!


As always you may email me at any time via email!


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