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Recognize that they have a brain that is growing and changing for the rest of their lives - they are not bad at math or science, they haven't practiced enough, or learned it in a way that works for them. Have discussions with your child about how practicing can help them get better and to not quit because they think they just can't do it. 

This is called Brain Plasticity CLICK HERE to see a video about it. 

KEEP TALKING TO THEM ABOUT HAVING A GROWTH MINDSET, praise them for their work instead of saying they are just smart or not smart, tell them they are just not good at chemistry YET

We call this the power of yet: CLICK HERE

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                        Regents Chemistry                        Chemical Studies


 Hi Everyone!!   Please call me Ms. Lucca. This is my fourth year teaching chemistry at YMA. You might be thinking, if this is a chemistry class why is your picture a butterfly? Isn’t that Biology? Well yes, but on top of being a full time chemistry teacher I run a volunteer gardening group that protects pollinating insects like bees and Monarch butterflies that have become threatened species. The butterfly shown is one of over 50 monarchs I raised this spring that were released in our butterfly meadow. I am also a floral designer and a professional face painter at the Bronx Zoo. I believe that we are more than just our jobs and that we can be good at lots of different things. Scientists actually need to be very creative! Science is not just about one thing and it interacts with many other fields including art, philosophy, literature, medicine, and even the culinary arts. Everything from how you download your music to the kinds of food you eat, involves a scientist at some point. To open up your horizons I do a lot of things in chemistry class that don’t feel like the usual chemistry stuff. In our classes we will explore a lot of ideas and we will answer those very important questions like, “Why do I need this class?” and “Will I ever use this?”. 


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