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Mrs. Teresa Bianco

Carissimi Studenti,

All the assignment will be posted on EDMODO. All the informations and directions on what do due with the assignmnet are all posted as well as the due dates for the assignments. When you open up the assignents, you are are going to print them out, complete each worksheet. After you have completed the worksheets please take a picture of it, and uploaded on EDMODO for grading. Please make sure that you complete the assignment by the due dates and the time. Also, you are respondible to bring the hardcopies once we are back in school. 

Mi manchate tanto, spero di vedervi presto. TVB....

You will find all my assignments on EDMODO.

Carisiimi Studenti e Genitori, here you will find a list of all the assignments that i have given.


03/15-20/2020: Unita 15                                                

03/24-30/2020: Unita 16.

04/03-16/2020: Tema COVID-19 Ricerca 

04/20-24/2020 : Make up missing assignments for students who did not hand in the work

04/29- 05/04/2020: Viaggi Virtuali Intersezione

05/06-11/2020: L' infanzia da bambino/a parte 1

05/13/2020: L' infanzia Vocab quiz

05/15/2020: Che co'e' quiz 

05/18/2020: Pop quiz "Che cos'e" ( part 2 of l' infanzia)

 05/19/2020: Audio Lingua

 05/21/-5/26-2020: Students will have to make up any assignments that they missed 


If you have any questions please contact me at any time. I check my email on a hourly basis, and i will respond to your email right away.

I'm available MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM & 12:00 PM- 3:00 PM. 

Grazie mille