For home based learning questions, please email me at or send a message on the REMIND APP.

Mrs. Katarina Hoxhaj

Phone: 914-376-8540 School Hours (Mon.-Fri.) 7:35am-2:15pm


Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Elementary Education 1999 Masters in Reading 2003 AMS (American Montessori Society)-Elementary Certified

Mrs. Katarina Hoxhaj

Welcome Back To School! Please read this entire page carefully and to its entirety.

       Please contact me for questions, comments, and guidance through my e-mail and on the REMIND APP.   If you are new to my class, please join our class on the REMIND APP.  Please email me for the details on how to join. See #9 below for log in details needed for instruction and class meetings.

The supply list tab is on the left hand side of this page REGARDING DISTANCE LEARNING AND IN PERSON INSTRUCTION.

Our daily schedule can be found in the tabs on the left hand side of this page.  It can also be found in Teams under "files". Please note that this schedule is subject to change depending upon the needs of the students, technology delays, etc.


This year our K-12 Summer Reading Program was new and online. It is called READsquared.  The program makes available grade leveled e-Books from the Yonkers Public Library.  Students can create and e-mail summer reading book lists to their teachers from this program.  Grade level-summer reading assignments are called Missions.  These are available online in the program.  To access the program you will need a Yonkers Public Library card and you must create an account. 

The link to obtain a Yonkers Public Library card is here:    You can also download the free app on your phone. Here is the link for students to register for READsquared is here:   Flyers and instructional videos will be available on our school website and one Yonkers Public Library website. Find more information on the YPS site here:

*You can also download the traditional pencil/paper version (if you prefer not to do the online reading) on the third link I've provided above. 


ALL GRADES were to complete the Yonkers Summer Reading as explained above, use Clever daily, plus...

Current Grade 1 & 2- Please go to September 8th on the calendar on this class page.  There you can download the 1st & 2nd grade summer packet.

This will be collected on the first day of in-person learning.

**All students- take the time to decorate the outside of a composition notebook with pictures of family, friends and things you love.  You can use magazine clippings, too. This writer's notebook will be collected from you on the first day of in-person learning.

    14 things that are part of school distance learning in our class:

1. On hybrid days, Wednesdays, and days your child is not with Mrs. Hoxhaj- create a written/typed schedule with your child about how each day will work when learning remotely.  See our schedule in Teams under "files". Divide the day regarding the following categories:

  A. working on things that will be sent home or posted online (For example: homework, packets, workbooks, studying, journaling, projects, and steam activities)

  B. computer time (Clever, Microsoft Teams meetings through Office 365), Benchmark, and class assigned websites. See #9 for log in details.

  C. completing the specials teacher's work posted on their own class pages (art:Mrs. Malone, music:Mr. Kaplan, and gym:Ms.Bedlington)

  D. project due dates, assessments

  E. brain breaks (stretching, playing outside, lego time, snacks, listening to music, etc.)

  F.  meals and family time.

2. Please make sure your child knows how to access the following INDEPENDENTLY for our remote learning days: Clever (access on YPS web page), Microsoft Teams (access through Clever and Office 365).  Allow your child to use and equally rotate the websites assigned on my Clever page.  PLEASE NOTE THAT EVERYTHING IS ACCESSIBLE THROUGH CLEVER UNDER OUR CLASS PAGE! SEE #9 for log in details.

3. Homework can be found at the bottom of the daily agenda that I have in files on Teams. The daily agenda can be found in the tabs on the left hand side of this page.  I will send it on the REMIND APP each day as well.  Please send pictures of your child's completed homework in an email or on Remind.  Projects and reports will also be assigned monthly, stay tuned for the start date. Once we start in-person, check the homework sheet (1st grade)/pad(2nd & 3rd grades). If assignments are posted on any other platform, you will be notified.

4. We have a new reading program called Benchmark.  Your child will access this through Clever.  Your child has assignments and assessments to complete there. For Benchmark assessments- if using an iPad/tablet- you must block disable pop ups in your settings and use Chrome or Edge in the browser.

5. Complete STEAM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities when sent home.  These activities will use everyday materials.  For example: building a leprechaun trap, building a bridge, baking soda volcano, and so on.

6. Enrichment- Please visit Scholastic's Learn at Home website. There are 20+ days of free resources for your child to complete.  It includes articles, stories, videos, and fun learning challenges.  You can also find other educational platforms on Clever through your child's account. 

7. Distance learning will require full engagement and dedication! See #9 for log in details!

Microsoft Teams meetings will be held.  Your child is required to attend them during their entirety. Please set up a consistent work space where your child can sit down and focus for an extended period of time that is free of distractions such as high traffic areas in your home, pets, siblings, and television.


A. Students must be present and engaged! Here are my virtual class goals...

Do's: Login on time at 7:35, camera on the entire time, materials ready (5 subject wide-ruled notebook, timer, headphones and tools for writing and drawing), active participation in lessons, be in a quiet area free from distractions, dress in school appropriate clothing and when you have something to share- raise your hand or select the raise hand button, be appropriate and kind during break out sessions with classmates and in the chat, eat and use the bathroom before logging in.

Don'ts: be late, leave early, eat while we are meeting (you'll have a break for that), play with siblings or toys, walk around, use the bathroom (you'll have a break for that), chat with friends in chat box during a lesson, change your background, hold up toys or other items in front of the camera, unmute yourself unless called upon by a teacher, get sidetracked by distractions, take control of the whiteboard or screen during a meeting.

B. Parents & guardians- please make appointments outside of the school day (even when we are learning remotely). If your child must miss class, needs to end early or will be late, please let me know in advance.

C. Attendance will be taken. The school day begins at 7:35am and ends at 2:15pm. The schedule is subject to change based on the needs of our students. Participation will be documented.  Wednesday is a two hour day unless we have a holiday on the Monday prior, then that Wednesday will be a full day. Text or email me when you're not sure of the schedule. I post it on Remind everyday.  The schedule can be found in the tabs on the left hand side of this page and in Teams under "files". 

D. If your child misses the meeting, they must make up the work. Please email me so I can update you on what was missed.

8. Visit the Books tab on this page for book recommendations by me.  I will update this list of my favorite books so please re-visit it.  You can also visit the Photos tab.  Click on the letter i located on the top, left hand side of each photo for details.  I'll add more photos as time goes on.  Thank you for sending them to me.

9. Your child does have an e-mail through the district, which is their 6digit First, log into Clever. Then select my class page.  Next check into the portal (office 365).  They may be prompted to enter their Their password is the network password they use to log into Clever which should be their birthday (example: 09/08/2000).

To find a meeting, go in the calendar.

If you can not find your child's Team, parents can add their child's account to their phone or Outlook software from their own computer.  This way the parent can see all of the emails their child receives. Also, please note some devices may need you to add the Office 365 app.

10. Virtual Field Trips:  Hudson River Museum's, Museum from Home for storytime and more at

     Yonkers Public Library website Live cams and animal videos.

11. Your child will be able to access our Scholastic News and Science Spin subscriptions @ Please stay tuned for student code that I will send via the REMIND APP.

12. Please follow our schedule in Teams. I also will send it to you daily on the REMIND APP. It is also available to you in the tabs on the left hand side of this page.

13. If I am absent, and your child is home, you can download the grade appropriate packet for them to do on that day which can be found on the very top of this page.

14. Communicate with Mrs. Hoxhaj.  I am here to help! We are in this together. Please contact Mrs. Hoxhaj using the following:

      Remind APP