• Dear Sophomores:

    Hopefully, by today, I will be able to determine if you...

    PASSED WITH DISTINCTION (Earned above an 85)
    PASSED (Earned above a 65)
    INCOMPLETE- (Couldn't complete the course this marking period, because you reached out to an administrator)
    FAILED (Earned less than a 64)

    Your Do-Now today
    Send me an email with the following....
    1. A picture of the grade sheet
    2. Tell me whether you believe you....
    - Passed with Distinction
    - Passed
    - Failed
    (Unless I have received an email from an administrator explaining why you COULD NOT and DID NOT do the work, your marking period is not INCOMPLETE)

    3. Tell me a reason why you believe you deserve this.

    I have not received essays from quite a few of you regarding Yvor Winters' poem.




    Now, I will begin Zooming "Under Quarantine with Mr. Berkowitz!" Monday through Friday. It is 45-50 minutes.
    The hypothetical, daily class schedule would be as follows


    Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 421 389 7807
    Password: Berkowitz

    9:00AM- 10:00AM: College Link/AP Literature
    Period 2: College Link 102/AP Literature Google Classroom: k7tuk33

    Period 6: Montessori Senior Thesis Google Classroom: ducjz7j

    10:00AM - 2:00PM: Thunder-Dome: two men enter (father and son); one man leaves! So far, Sam-3, Abba-1.


    1:00 - 1:50PM: Sophomore English period 1, hypothetically
    Period 1: Tenth Grade ELA Google Classroom: ib7wcfm

    2:00 - 2:50PM: Sophomore English period 3,

    Period 3: Tenth Grade ELA Google Classroom: bhva6te

    3:00 - 3:50PM: Sophomore English period 8, hypothetically
    Period 8: Tenth Grade ELA Google Classroom: bow4jlz

    I will put the ZOOM invitations on the respective pages.

    Sadly, the day has fled when I await the answer to, "What is a teacher without his/her students?"

    Unfortunately, of 75 sophomores, only 40 replied. Roughly 50%. The numbers scare me.

    Welcome to voter apathy in action! I get it. Everyone is re-prioritizing. By the time we see each other in school, Ms. Clement, Ms. Lucca, or Mr. Hill will have taught you how to make biofuel out of cardboard and my notebook.

    By now, we have earned the value of those things and objects we used to have so easily: time, space, privacy, health, calm, food, and yes, routine. Personally, I wish I had answers more readily for you. I rely on each of you now as much as you rely on me. So I will be replying to those emails, personally and then determining what needs to happen next. I value each of you over a grade. I value and appreciate your effort at this time.

    By now, we are still assessing our new "normal." That means routine. This has never happened before, so I have no answers or definitive plans. Teachers have started Youtube channels- I don't want to "capture anything for posterity." So for 40-50 minutes I will provide lessons through ZOOM with accompanying Powerpoint Presentations which can be found on Google Classroom.

    By now, we have something to read and something to talk about. Hopefully that revolves around the packet of poetry found on this page: (USE 1) Workplans and Techniques-Poetry. It was posted and distributed at school on Wednesday and Thursday.

    Every class will start with you telling me what's up and making community decisions.

    Then we will take care of a poem in the packet. I will model with you, then let you stay or go to work on the other.

    After we finish the packet, we will decide what will happen next. By then, we will determine what happens next.

    We'll discuss assignments as well.

    Until then I can be reached here or LBerkowitz@yonkerspublicschools.org or ELABerkowitz7@gmail.com.

    Be safe. Be patient. Be careful.

    Mr. Berkowitz

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Mr. Berkowitz-Torres

Phone: (914) 376 8540


Degrees and Certifications:

Certification English Language Arts Professional Certification (Grades 5-9) English Language Arts Professional Certification (Grades 7-12) College Board Certification for Advanced Placement English Language and Composition, Summer 2012 College Board Certification for Advanced Placement English Literuatre and Composition, Summer 2009 Education UCLA Extenstion Program Online Advanced Placement English Language and Composition training, Summer 2012 Fordham University, New York, NY Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition training, Summer 2009 Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY Masters of Arts in Teaching, completed January 2006 Adolescent and High School English (5-12 English) GPA: 3.91 Colgate University, Hamilton, NY Bachelor of Arts, May 2003 English Literature and Theater Double Major, Cum Laude English GPA: 3.71 Theater GPA: 3.67 American University, Washington, DC Washington Capitals Program GPA: 3.85 Political Science and American History coursework, and Practical Internship

Mr. Berkowitz-Torres


Philosophy of Teaching

It is Mr. Berkowitz-Torres' core belief that nobody is perfect, but it is our charge to reach for perfection and learn from each day. With the help of his mother, Mr. Berkowitz was able to master his learning style and understand his IEP in order to become declassified, earn Honors and Advanced Placement credits, and graduate as Salutatorian of his High School graduating class. Even after twenty years, however, Mr. Berkowitz is still learning, and every year his students help him come closer to perfection. Every year, he is given the opportunity to learn from each and every one of his "favorite students." Each student helps to pave a step in the journey of life, and Mr. Berkowitz is honored to help each one on their path to success. Education is the path; language articulates the direction. Enjoy the journey, no matter the destination!

Curriculum Vitae

Mr. Berkowitz-Torres (known as Mr. Berkowitz) has been an educator, tutor, and theatrican for over 20 years. After graduating from Cum Laude from Colgate University with a Double Major in English Literature and Theatrical Arts and a Minor in Education, Mr. Berkowitz returned to teach at his High School as a seventh and eighth grade Science teacher, then as a ninth grade Algebra and eighth grade Social Studies teacher for Summer School. Upon completing his Master's in the Arts in Teaching (MAT) fifth through twelfth grade English Language Arts, Mr. Berkowitz began his tenure at Lincoln High School as an English teacher of ninth grade, Century Honors Ninth, Century Honors Tenth, and Twelfth grade English. He has also worked as a SAT and ACT tutor and teacher for the Princeton Review. 

After-school, Mr. Berkowitz has been the adviser for the Drama Club in both schools producing both traditional, published plays and original student works. He has also been the adviser for National Honor Society and Speech and Debate Team.


If there are any or all questions, feel free to reach me online at LBerkowitz@yonkerspublicschools.org