• ALL 2022-2023 CLASSES WILL MEET IN PERSON and THROUGH Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) 

    Period 1 (7:35-8:20): ELA 10 [Tenth Grade English]

    Period 2 (8:26-9:10): Scheduled Meetings

    Period 3 AB/CD (9:17-10:00): Montessori Research

    Period 4 (10:05- 10:55): ELA 10 [Tenth Grade English]

    Period 5 (11:00-11:46): ELA 10 [Tenth Grade English]

    Period 6 (11:50-12:35): Lunch

    Period 7 (12:41-1:27): ELA 10 [Tenth Grade English]

    Period 8 (1:32- 2:15): Scheduled Meetings

Phone: (914) 376-8540


Degrees and Certifications:

New York State Teacher's Certification • Professional: 9-12 English and Language Arts Education • Professional: 5-7 English and Language Arts Education College Board Certification • Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature and Composition • Advanced Placement (AP) English Language and Composition Degrees/Training • UCLA Online Extension Courses, Summer 2012 College Board AP English Language and Composition Training • Fordham University, Bronx, NY, Summer 2009 College Board AP English Literature and Composition Training • Manhattanville College, Purchase, NY (2004-2005) Master's Degree in the Arts of Teaching (MAT) Adolescent and Secondary English Education with a focus in Literacy • Colgate University, Hamilton, NY (1998-2002) Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Sciences (BA), Cum Laude Double Major of English Literature and Theatrical Studies with course work in Political Science and Education

Mr. Berkowitz-Torres (aka Mr. Berkowitz)

Mr. Berkowitz-Torres' Teaching Philosophy

Each student is my favorite student, because there is only one of YOU! And every day we grow and try to make our lives that much more perfect, trying to be the best version of ourselves that we can. 

Curriculum Vitae

Teacher, tutor, coach, advocate, theatrician, director, writer, son, husband, and now father, I have been fortunate to complete many roles to the benefit of others.

Tutor, 1994-present: ACT, SAT, English, History, Math (Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Trigonometry), and Science (Biology and Chemistry)  

• I began in tenth grade at my alma mater, Woodlands High School. I continued through High School. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree from Colgate University, I began working for the Princeton Review tutoring for the ACTs and SATs until 2014. 

Teacher, 1999-present

• Throughout college, I would return to my old High School as a substitute teacher. Upon graduation, I became a leave replacement seventh and eighth grade Science teacher, then as a ninth grade Algebra and eighth grade Social Studies teacher for Summer School.

• Upon completing his Master's in the Arts in Teaching (MAT) fifth through twelfth grade English Language Arts, I began my tenure in the Yonkers Public Schools:

        ∆ 2005-2013: Lincoln High School as an English teacher of ninth grade, Century Honors Ninth, Century Honors Tenth, and Twelfth grade English

        ∆ 2013-present: Yonkers Montessori Academy as an English teacher of tenth grade, eleventh grade and College Link 102/Advanced Placement Composition and            


Extra Curricular

After-school, I have been the adviser for the Drama Club in both schools producing both traditional, published plays and original student works. I have also been the adviser for YMA's Alumni Association, National Honor Society and Speech and Debate Team.  


If there are any or all questions, feel free to reach me online at LBerkowitz@yonkerspublicschools.org