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June 1st-June 5th/6th:

    **Daily assignment: Family Fun Weekly Planner


June - Due June 10th:

    **Summer safety TRIFOLD pamphlet

see Assignment page for details



NEW Family Values Assignment: see assignment tab

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Text (via Remind) or Email me 7:30am-2:30pm


National Health Observances: Physical Fitness and Sports, Hepatitis Awareness, Stroke Awareness, and Women’s Health


See Assignment list for logging activities to complete :) 

Let me know if you have any questions :) 

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For Flexible Friday 5/8/2020: MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Create a virtual card, message, video, or poster highlighting your mother or someone who is as important as their mother ... CREDIT WHEN SENT TO ME :)

April 20-24th

Last minute submissions due NO LATER than WEDNESDAY, April 22nd

April 23rd and 24th- District Website Civitano Challenges Contest found in Yonkers Public Schools District Learning, Health :)


April 13th - 17th

Catch up week!!! 

Please complete all assignments WITH the Completed WORK LOG/Record sheet For my Health class only:

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Last week, April 6th-10th, was National Drug and Alcohol Awareness week...  

I have assigned a few articles and activities to complete by Friday, April 10th. Please check the Assignment section for this weeks articles and activities...

Please email me or text me via Remind for any questions you need.  

You are all doing really well and I am sure this is may not be the easiest thing to do things on your own or with limited assistance... but keep at it!  This is a challenge that you will overcome in your own way and you will learn a lot about yourselves... I am very proud of what we have all been able to accomplish, in all matters of our lives...  Keep it up and keep a strong mind! We are in this together, so please ask me for any help you need! 


Stay healthy, safe, happy and busy during time at home...  Eat healthy meals! Fruits and veggies are plentyful in the grocery stores!!!  Do excercise and get a good solid night's sleep (not just day napping)...


I am available from 7:30am-3:00pm M-F.... I answer quickly via Remind and will check email throughout that time frame.  


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****Reflection journals are VERY IMPORTANT-see "Assignments"

Please watch the movies and answer the given question posted or linked with the movies... (see "Assignments")

----Super Size Me -  link with questions-continue where we left off

----When friendship Kills, A secret between friends - Middle school: poster project / High School: Attached discussion questions

----WALL-E : Attached questions for ALL

----28 days: High School ONLY - Attached questions to be completed


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  • Information for Parents and Students...SURVEY

    March 2020


    Dear Parents,


    While this is a difficult time, it is important for us all to continue to focus on our physical, mental, and social emotional health and to work on strategies for helping ourselves and others build resilience and community support.


    Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for managing emotions, having healthy relationships, understanding and empathizing with others, being responsible and safe, and learning to cope with difficult situations and manage our stress, emotions, anxiety, and fear during these difficult times.


    We are providing your child with resources to access at home, starting with a survey to help support your child’s Social Emotional Growth.   They can log onto with their username and password that will give them access to the survey and many other resources related to SEL.  Please have your child email Ms. Civitano at, first to get their user name and password.