• Welcome to CL Early Childhood Education. This is a college link course in which a student can earn high school and college credit for successful completion of the course requirements.
    The focus of the course is early childhood education. In this course we will explore development and the process of change from birth through the primary years. We will learn about and engage in a critical analysis of major developments, theories, and their impact on childrearing and educational practices. We will examine the influence of context and culture on children's development. Themes will include the active role of the child, identity development, the child as a maker of meaning, and nature and nurture.
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  • Welcome to Introduction to Education.

    This is a college preparatory course in which we will study Montessori philosopy and ideology and pedagogy and practicum.  We will work on developing skills for college readiness as well as engaging in developing leadership, organization, and communication skills.  We will work on community building skills and engage in community service. We will engage in a study of diversity and equity in education and in society.

    Assignments will be posted in Teams and will be submitted in Teams.  Students may send me "Chats" in Teams with any questions or concerns. 

    Parents should ask their children for their Teams log in information, log in and read posted assignments, announcements, and Chats.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with me by sending me Chats through their child's Teams log in. Additionally, I encourage parents to download the Teams App on their cell phone if they have one.  This will give you access to communicate with me and to check our Teams page from any location.

    I am very excited for the year ahead.  I look forward to meeting you and this great learning experience that lies before us.  I am so glad we are on this journey together.  At YMA we are "Better Together".


    Mrs. Governali

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