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Welcome to Chemistry!

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 Welcome to Lab G11

Please note that this year I have gone paperless. To avoid lost papers, and just too many papers!  All the documents, readings, and homework assignments will be on google docs. You can reach the google docs folders for each class by copying and pasting the link below into your web browser. Parents can use the link to check on their child's homework assignments. Chemistry classes have homework EVERY NIGHT!

LINK FOR REGENTS CHEMISTRY: https://drive.google.com/open?id=11bIrUEKEPGMHDZ8fGTuTjk4i8PuJPZLY

LINK FOR CHEMICAL STUDIES: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YLTKF_ozRIo2_p0ggzHhrgdGDIW5rGqT

Frequent Absence in Regents Chemistry will cause significant problems for students in terms of keeping up with the pace and rigor of the course. Regents chemistry is a difficult course and requires the development of new study skills.

To find details about my class policies regarding grading and absences, please select the link for your child's class. Go to the folder called Welcome to Lab G11, and you will find documents there that explain the scope of each course. Inside the folder for each quarter, you will find a work plan which explains your student's schedule and work that is due.


Year 2019 to 2020

Across the board, teachers are seeing that in our fast paced world full of technology that allows students to instruct themselves without very much reading, there is a general decline in what students actually understand when they are reading.

Why do I care about reading if I am a Science teacher?  Like a good scientist, I'm going to give you an itemized list of reasons I think this is important!

1) I love reading! I care about the wellbeing of my students, and since reading makes me happy it's important to me personally to share reading with my students to give them access to a written world that may bring them the same joy and opportunities.

2) Every generation feels they live in times when bad things are happening... in our time the bad thing that is happening is that people are feeling like it is hard to know what information is correct and what isn't, so often they start to think that maybe the truth is not that important. Being well read helps students examine information critically so they can make decisions about what to care about. It also keeps them from being more likely to believe incorrect information presented to them in the news and by politicans. Being in charge of our own future means being well educated so that students can become involved, informed citizens.

3) I love science!! I want my students to see how science can help them feel like happier people! For me science is magic, and makes the world a place that is full of wonder. You have to be able to read and really undestand not just technical terms, but how regular everyday terms take on different definitions in different contexts, (situations). I am passionate about getting my students to develop a life long love of science that helps them to be awed and inspired by our natural world. To access that information, they will need to be able to read deeply into the writings of past scientists. We will be using texts this year authored by scientists from multiple fields of study so that students can begin to make their own decisions about the ways that they will want science to be involved in their lives in the future.

4) Overall academic achievement for YMA as a Community of Learners!! If everyone works on improving their understanding of what they read, and expressing themselves in writing, all our students should be more academically successful in all their classes. This means better state test performance, and being better equipped to succeed in college!

Have a great year, and don't forget, the best way to reach me and hear back quickly is by email at CLucca@YonkersPublicSchools.org


Additional Info for Selected students https://drive.google.com/open?id=12Rdfdy5u2V1yBzjbX-_pD32YFL9XS0OY