SAT/ACT Exam Information

  • Recmmended Exam Schedule

    Grade 9

    8/9 PSAT - College Board Day - In School - October

    Grade 10 

    PSAT - College Board Day - In School - October

    Grade 11

    PSAT - College Board Day - In School - Ocober

    SAT - MArch/April of Junior Year

    ACT - Spring of Juniro Year

    Grade 12

    SAT - College Board Day - October


    CHOLEWA'S SAT/ACT Strategies and Tips

    Students should be  be taking practice tests, Using Kahn Academy, Castle Learning and connecting those to  college board accounts to help target student needs.  It isn’t a test you walk in cold for.  The more practice, the better the results.  English teachers also have a practice test to give them as well, but that’s not enough.

    • If students do well on the PSAT in 10thand 11th grades, there are many scholarship opportunities
    • 11th grade students need to take the SAT in the Spring/Summer of 2020 – Do Not Wait for College Board Day 2020
    • Students need pencils for the test.
    • Don’t bring backpacks to school, just pencils
    • Be punctual and eat breakfast
    • Cell phones are not allowed in the testing room.  If they are brought in, they will be collected for the test and given back at the conclusion of the exam.


    Registering for an SAT Exam






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