• Free sites:

    www.PBSkids.org       www.Starfall.com       www.ABCYA.com         www.seussville.com     www.abcmouse.com (free trial for 30 days)     - for ELA and Math

    www.coolmath.com        www.funbrain.com     - for Math

    Crayola.com     - for art/craft

    ******  https://learn.khanacademy.org/khan-academy-kids/ ******* Highly recommend to get the app and use 20 minutes a day.  It is free, interactive and covers many topics. 

           duckduckmoose.com  - ELA and Math app for Ipadand Iphones - can get at the app store.  It is available on Androids too at the Playstore.  Comes from Khan Academy.


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