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September 2021

Welcome Back!!

I'm looking forward to working with everyone in the classroom this year. With that being said we are still being mindful of the health guidelines within the classroom as far as sanitizing and maintaining distance the best we can. If you feel the need to bring in your own basic art supplies please do. I would suggest having some sort of container with pencils, colored pencils, markers, glue stick, and crayons. Please contact me through email or by phone at YMA if you have any concerns or questions. 

Thanks, Ms. King 



Hello Families,

I will be closing my year at this time due to the birth of my daughter on May 29th. I want to thank everyone who has made an effort to stay connected with me throughout this challenging time. I will be making note of everyone who has sent me assignments and/or have emailed me updates on their progress. I appreciate all the efforts and wish you all a great summer! I hope to see you all in the fall except for my 8th grade/15:1 class who will be moving on to other schools- Best of luck Mr. Ramos' class!!

Be well.

Thank you all.

Ms. King 



Happy Friday!! Today is district wide "Flex Friday". I hope everyone will get a chance to connect with their mother and/or mother figures this weekend. In thinking about mothers below I have posted a link to a powerpoint showing a handful of paintings/artwork of mothers. Enjoy!! Please email any feedback on the artwork especially if there is one you really liked or didn't like and would like to share your thoughts. Have a nice weekend!! Ms. King


ATTENTION students and families:

Grades will be submitted this week. As I continue to call homes I'm finding out that some students are doing my work but not emailing me confirmation that they are. I'm glad you are doing it but I need you to reach out if you haven't already and let me know. Please email at


Be well. 

Ms. King 



Welcome to Art Therapy!! 

I'm glad you are here showing an interest in continuing to create while you are home!! 

You will find assignments under the "Assignment" tab. 

Please keep all of your work as I will be looking for it when we return to school. Also send me a picture/confirmation email that you did the assignment. 


Ms. King



Hi Everyone I hope you are staying healthy and active. I am available m-f from 1-4pm. However feel free to email me at outside of this time frame and I will get back to you. 



Please let me know if you have any questions understanding or navigating the page.