• Welcome to a new and exciting year IN SCHOOL. Posted below is a list of materials your child will need to be prepared and successful in Grade 8 ELA

    • one folder labeled as ELA 
    • a minimum of four pens (black or blue ink ONLY) 
    • a highlighter  
    • Post- it notes (2 packs)
    • Standard Binder (It can be shared with other subjects)
    • a black and white composition notebook
    • markers, scissors, glue and crayons
    • USB (highly recommended, but not mandatory)


    YMA Grade 8 ELA  GRADING POLICY is as follows 

    30% Homework Assignments  

    25% Tests and Quizzes 

    20% Projects (essay, presentation, speech, etc.)* 

    15% Class Participation  

    10% Completed Journal

    *Most projects given take up to 3-8 weeks. This is why I do not accept late or make up assignments, without a note of by your parent/guardian. Parents: please keep track of assignments your child is given. Homework is given almost every night and can be found on Microsoft Teams 


    Classroom Expectations 

    1. Come to class on time. 
    2. Respect yourself, by respecting your peers and me our teacher. MASKS ARE MANDATORY and are expected to be worn throughout the entire ELA class time. 
    3. Come to class with a Positive Attitude .
    4. Communicate: Verbally in a note via email (dlindsey@yonkerspublicschools.org) or phone 914-709-5513.


    ANNOUCEMENT: Our first class novel will be Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai  and is due no later than, Friday, October 1st