• Welcome to a new and exciting year of English and Social Studies in Ms. Lindsey’s class. This letter is being sent out to make the student and parent/guardian aware of the expectations in English/Social Studies class. The main focus of this course is to analyze historical accounts through various formats including fiction, poetry, non-fiction and media to name a few. Students will also have the opportunity to create these styles as well as essays, articles, etc. Students will be required to bring in the following supplies no later than Thursday, September 2nd 2016.

    • A binder( dedicated to English AND Social Studies only) 2 packs of Post-Its    
    • 2 or more pens (Black or Blue ONLY)
    • 2 or more pencils
    • 3 highlighters (3 different colors)

    Class Grade Percentage

    30% Homework Assignments

                                  30% Projects

                             30% Tests and Quizzes

    10% Class Participation

    Homework Policy and Procedures

    Late work is not accepted without a note from a parent/guardian. Most projects given take up to 3-8 weeks; this is why I do not accept late or make-up assignments without a note of explanation and the signature of your parent/guardian. In order to monitor the work load, we will be using the following websites below.


    Edmodo- Edmodo is a free and secure learning network for teachers, students, and schools.  It provides a way for teachers and students to connect, share content, access homework and participate in discussions Edmodo is a tool strictly for educational purposes and we will be enforcing the following guidelines. * After your child has created a Student account, you can create a Parent account using your child's unique Parent Code


    Learnboost: EduThink lets you easily see all of your upcoming homework, assignment scores and class grades online.

    NoRedInk: NoRedInk is a grammar website that teaches grammar in a creative and fun way. 


     Parents: please keep track of assignments your child is given.