Class Expectations - Updated for September 2021

  •  Student success relies on the following expectations:


    • Conduct/Effort – Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Montessori Pillars:
      • Learning – Be committed to academics, relationships, community-building, service.
      • Respect – Act with good manners by practicing courtesy and grace.
      • Community – Strive to shape and nurture relationships that build community.
      • Hard Work – Respect and appreciate the value of meeting difficult challenges.
      • Peace – Strive to be a community that works toward personal and global peace.


    • Attendance – Regular attendance is VERY important. Absences do not excuse students from completing missed classwork and homework. One day per day absent will be allowed for make-up work to be submitted.  If a student is absent on the day of a test or quiz, or when a project is due, he/she must be prepared to take the exam, or submit the project on the day he/she returns from the absence. Consideration will be given for extenuating circumstances.


    • Assignments
      • All assignments must be completed neatly, with work shown, and submitted on or before the due date.  Assignments completed without work shown will not be accepted and must be resubmitted. 
      • Late assignments will receive a 50% off penalty per day. 
      • Students must write Ms. McKenna’s heading on all assignments.
      • All students must join Ms. McKenna’s classes on various online platforms. Instructions will be given during class.

     If Ms. McKenna is absent, students must complete the assignment that is given by the substitute teacher.


    • Grading Policy
      • Tests and Quizzes                30%
      • Workplan Assignments         50%
      • Projects/Mini Activities         10%
      • Class Participation               10%



    The following procedures are in place to help parents monitor student performance and also serve as a means to maintain open communication with parents throughout the school year:

    • Workplans – A workplan will be distributed for each unit where assignment scores will be recorded. Workplans must be signed by a parent/guardian.  I strongly suggest reviewing the workplan assignments and scores regularly.
    • Tests/Quizzes – Every graded test/quiz will be reviewed in class and students must make corrections on loose-leaf.
    • Grades - All grades will be posted in PowerSchool.



    Let’s work together toward a successful school year!