Student Assistance Counselor

  • The Student Assistance Services Program is a school-based program that works to reduce the factors that put students at risk for substance abuse, while working to enhance the factors that will protect students from the risks. I have a Master level education with special training in substance abuse prevention, early intervention and clinical experience with adolescents in secondary schools to provide a full range of substance use prevention and early intervention services. Strategies include: giving students information to increase their understanding about the harmful consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; providing services to students who are experiencing stress that if not resolved might lead to substance use; teaching students skills for resisting peer pressure, responding to conflicts and coping with stressful situations; referring students and their families who need additional help to services in the school and community; working with community grops on activities to promote a drug free lifestyel for teens. I work with students individually and in small groups and conduct lassroom presentations. 

    In addition, I am the advisor of an afterschool club called the Youth 2 Youth Club. As a group, we create and organize monthly activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for students.