Middle School Teacher of the Year 2019



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ana Rosello

Ana Rosello was honored by the Yonkers Board of Education at its May 2019 Stated Meeting. She began her career in the Yonkers Public Schools in 1997 as a bilingual Social Studies teacher at Emerson Middle School, where she also taught general education Social Studies and Spanish.  In 2005, she had a split bilingual Social Studies position at the Enrico Fermi School and the Robert C. Dodson School.  A year later, she took her current full time position at the Robert C. Dodson School.  Dodson’s Principal Evelina Medina and administrators nominated Mrs. Rosello.

Born and raised in Argentina, Mrs. Rosello graduated from Instituto Superior Profesorado, San Miguel Argentina as a Secondary Social Studies teacher.  She taught high school History and Geography and was promoted to an Assistant Principal for two years before coming to the United States in 1991.  After five years as a school bus driver, Ana once again earned her teaching certification receiving a Master of Science in Education in Middle Childhood and Adolescence Education: Languages other than English (5 -12) and Social Studies from Long Island University. 

Mrs. Rosello’s philosophy teaching hasn’t changed since she began her career in Argentina, “and it will continue intact until my last day of teaching,” she noted.  “Many are able to deliver instruction, but few are able to educate.  I believe all students can and have the right to an education if the teacher provides the right conditions for them to succeed.  Education has gone through many changes and challenges, but my philosophy makes any obstacle, barrier or challenge easy to overcome.  The tenets of my philosophy: a strong work ethic, friendliness and approachability – I am a nurturing and welcoming teacher, preparation and organization, develop strong relationships with students, deep knowledge of and passion for the subject matter, and a contagious sense of humor.”

When asked what she liked the most about her job, Mrs. Rosello responded, “My students and I made a compromise that I would not only teach them something new and interesting every day, but I would teach them with respect and professionalism.  I listen to them every day because ‘speaking is silver but listening is gold’ (Turkish proverb).  I love to develop a strong caring relationship with them.  They are the most important part of my job.”

Ana and Francisco Rosello are married 32 years and live in Yonkers with her parents, Oscar and Mercedes Delgado who retired from their jobs in Argentina.