What is PAX?

  • Welcome to the PAX Resources Page.

    My name is Patricia Lopez. Your children know me as Ms. Lopez or a.k.a "The PAX Lady".

    My email address is plopez3@yonkerspublicschools.org 

    PAX in Latin means PEACE.

    PAX represents Peace, Productivity, Health & Happiness. 

    The PAX Good Behavior Game is a social-emotional evidence based classroom approach to increase self-regulation among students, support teachers by improving behavior management in the classroom and partner with schools with aiding students in reaching academic success.

    Since September 2018, I have been partnering with the Kindergarten through 6th grade level teachers and their assisting adults implementing the PAX GBG approach in the classrooms. 


    What is PAX GBG?


    In light of the COVID pandemic, PAX is offering PAX Tools for parents and guardians at home doing home schooling. PAX Tools is a collection of evidence-based strategies that are trauma-informed which provides a deliberate way for parents and guardians to teach kids how to manage their own behaviors. PAX Tools is effective, and is a way for parents and guardians to be nurturing caregivers. 

    PAX Tools will teach you and your children healthy ways of communicating and behaving with each other. PAX Tools helps navigate difficult situations dealing with disappointment and delaying gratification. All these skills when learned helps children avoid risky behaviors because it teaches children how to manage their minds and bodies. 

    PAX Tools comes from the same science from the PAX Good Behavior Game Program. They are different approaches as PAX GBG is for the seting in a school and PAX Tools is for a setting out in the community and or the home. They are both evidence-based approaches that implement behavior management, teaches self-regulation and therefore reduces risks targeting young people. 

    There are 7 strategies to PAX Tools. I will teach you all of them. 

    What is PAX Tools?

    Click here to see an introductory video on PAX Tools: PAX Tools Introductory Video

    Click here to see a video about making emotional deposits in your child/ren's lives: Emotional Deposits