Low Emotional Responses

  • Low Emotional Responses allows adults to provide instantaneous non-verbal feedback with out embarrasment or interruption of an activity. 

    We all are familiar with the feelings that come when someone draws attention to our mistakes or misbehavior: embarrassment, anger, shame, sadness, defensiveness. But we all make mistakes! It's how we learn. In fact, giving children the opportunity to make mistakes in a nurturing environment, and then correct them, is one of the best ways to help them learn self regulation!

    Low Emotional Responses allow us to give neutral, private feedback to children so that they can correct misbehaviors without feeling shamed. We can also use these nonverbal cues to signal behaviors that we want MORE of. A thumbs up or thumbs down is a great way to operationalize your Shared Vision.
    Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
    Watch this video for more info:
    See this link for examples on how to implement this strategy with your children: