Shared Vision

  • Shared Vision establishes expectations for an environment or a discussion. 

    Many times children aren't on the same page as adults about expectations. This can lead to frustration and arguments. Parents and/or guardians can use a Shared Vision to make expectations clear and prevent conflict. 

    A Shared Vision can be made for different scenarios and events that take place throughout the day. For example, parents and guardians can do a Shared Vision for home schooling currently taking place. The parent and/or guardian may have certain expectations for home schooling to go well with their children. These can be any or all of the following examples of expectations:

    1 - To start home schooling with your child/children at a certain time of the morning

    2 - Have work assignments done in a timely manner

    3 - Children to work quietly on an assignement as parent and/or guardian may have responsibilties themselves to complete as they work from home too

    Children may have expectations as well, such as the following: 

    1 - Take breaks during home schooling

    2 - Have fun with parent/guardian while home schooling

    3 - Receive patience and help from parent and/or guardian when facing difficulty with a school assignment


    Follow these steps to create your own Shared Vision at home: 

    Shared Vision Note


    Example of what a Shared Vision can look like: 


    Example of what a Shared Visual may look like


     Example of what a Shared Vision may contain under each section: 

    Example of a Shared Vision - What do we want to See, Hear, Feel & Do More of while Home Schooling?


    Here is a quick video about PAX Tools Shared Vision:

    PAX Tools - Shared Vision


    Here is another video of a Shared Vision where you can see an example of how to create a Shared Vision of your own with your child/children:

    PAX Vision at Home Example


    Here are some resources, templates and handouts that will aide you in creating your own Shared Vision with your child/children at home: 

    Shared Vision Recipe Card

    Shared Vision Downloadable Template