Mystery Motivators

  • Mystery Motivators are untangible rewards. These are simple rewards that encourage positive behaviors.

     Song Session - MM Example

    How do we motivate children to behave well? How about a prize!

    What typically comes to mind when you hear the word "prize"? Probably candy, a toy, or money. Tangible rewards feel good instantaneously but do little to create long term behavior change.
    Mystery Motivators build stronger connections between the behavior and the feeling of "I like that, I want to do it again".
    Watch the video below for an explanation of Mystery Motivators and check back tomorrow for tips on how to motivate the children in your home with some fun and simple ideas!
    Fast Find - MM Example
    If your child is in a PAX classroom, they know all about Granny's Wacky Prizes, YMA decided to call this Treasures! Granny Wacky Prizes or Treasures motivate kids to perform well by creating connections in their brains between things they like to do and things we'd like for them TO do, like behave well!
    In PAX Tools, we use this same science for Mystery Motivators. No matter what you call them, these fun and simple prizes reward positive behaviors while simultaneously increasing bonding between children and adults.
    Try one of these ideas today!
    For more information on Mystery Motivators, please watch this video here: Mystery Motivators
    For more information on how to implement this strategy, please see this recipe worksheet here: Mystery Motivators Worksheet