Student Illustrations Featured on the District's Holiday Cards

2018 Holiday Cards
  • It's been a long-standing tradition for the Board President, Trustees and Superintendent to show off student talent to on a holiday card to all of our federal, state and local elected officials, community members, staff and friends of Yonkers Public Schools.

    What makes these cards so special is how they truly capture the magic of this time of year as seen through the eyes of our students – the talented young artists from the Yonkers Public Schools who are nurtured by their art teachers.

    This year’s artwork was selected from more than 100 pieces submitted. Tonight, we recognize our students, their teachers and administrators who are here this evening.  I am going to ask everyone to come up to the stage together with their principal. 

    • From Yonkers Montessori Academy, Monica Hernandez grade 11, art teacher Laura Malone
    • From Roosevelt High School – Early College Studies, Hajar Shahbain, grade 11, art teacher Janet Skydel 
    •  From Palisade Preparatory School, Dakina Sherpa, grade 9 and graphic arts teacher Walter Edwards