"Being Pushed to Your Limit Really Helps" -- Summer Prassor, Student

  • Eight students from the Lincoln High School Program for Scientific Inquiry earned recognition at the Young Science Achievers (YSAP) annual science competition earlier this week. The students worked under the guidance of Dr. Dean Saghafi, the director of the program at Lincoln since he introduced it to the school more than a decade ago.

    YSAP is a regional science competition for students from New York and New Jersey, held at AT&T Global Network Headquarters in Bedminster, NJ. It has its origins at Bell Labs, where more than three decades ago the program was developed to foster interest in the STEM disciplines and to create equity of opportunity for under represented groups in the professions.

    Our curious, bright minds produced impressive research such as:

    Video Pitch

    • Summer Prassor and Kelsie Saldana, Sophomores 


    • Andres Bobadilla, Freshman


    • Jessica Abu, Sophomre
    • Brian Garcia, Senior


    • Eric Santiago, Sophomore


    • Lord Ramos, Freshman


    • Justin Mesquita and Chris O’Buck, Juniors
    • Ivan Garduno Romero and Nicholas Curet, Seniors